A Fun Way to Style A Kimono 

Styling a kimono

Outfit Details: Kimono: Floral::::Top: White Crop::::Bottom: Jeans::::Shoes: Boots Hello beauties! Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. This week’s topic is all about Kimonos. They’re the perfect transition piece from Winter to Spring. Most Kimonos are light weight in feel, with 3/4 sleeves that reaches your elbows. This makes them both comfortable and […]

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The Best Universal Red Lipsticks To Try

universal red lipstick

Hello beauties! There is only one shade of lipstick that can instantly make you look confident, capable and coolheaded : A red lipstick. You can literally speak a thousand words just by wearing it. I usually hear that most people are intimidated by the shade, because it’s so in your face. But if you are […]

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Styling White Tops..

Styling white tops

Outfit Details: Top: Similar:::: Bottoms: Jeans::::Bag: Metal Bag::::Shoes: Heels Hello beauties! White tops are wardrobe staples for Spring. They serve as the neutral piece for any of your bold outfits. They are so fun and easy to style and can pretty much go with anything. They make for the perfect day to night outfits, because all […]

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3 Tips To make Your Liquid Lipstick Feel More Comfortable

Make your liquid lipstick more comfortable

Hello beauties! I’m a glossy lip type of girl, but I do find myself drawn to  liquid lipsticks from time to time. I usually avoid them, because most liquid lipstick formulas are very drying to the lips. And other formulas  become so patchy after a few hours of wear, that I don’t even bother with […]

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Mix Print..

Mix print trend

Outfit Detail: Dress: Zara (Similar)::::Sandals: Braided Sandals::::Bag: Mini bag Hello beauties! The Spring trend that has been dominating the streets this year is the mix print trend. The way it works is basically, you would have a piece of clothing that would have two total different print patterns at once. You can have stripes and […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Makeup Is Breaking You Out

Hello beauties! The skin problems associated with makeup, are no strangers to us all. I personally dealt with so many painful breakouts in the pass, as a result of bad makeup practices. Which is generally caused by bacterial build-up.There is also the fact that some beauty products are just to harsh for our sensitive skin. […]

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The Only Dresses You Need This Spring

Hello beauties! If it was possible to time travel back into the 1800 or early 1900, I would do it just so I can only wear dresses. To me nothing says feminine and elegance like a dress on a woman. The dress trends this Spring feature lots of ruffles, victorian necklines, and chic midi dresses. Here […]

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Sharp Eye Makeup And Clear Gloss

Hello beauties! Until now, I have kept my eye makeup fairly simple with a little bit of shadow here and there. But since Spring is all about having fun with your looks, I decided to intensify my eyes, this week. This makeup look is bold without been messy. The clear gloss is added directly to […]

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Red Blazer With Simple White Tee

Outfit Detail: Top: White Tee::::Bottom: Jeans (Similar)::::Jacket: Blazer Hello beauties! The biggest Spring wardrobe staple is a blazer, for me. It serves as a great transition from cold to cool temperatures, while giving your outfit a chic finish. I love blazers, especially colorful blazers like this red one. You can styled them with dresses and […]

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3 Sleep Face Masks You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Hello beauties! Face masks are a controversial topic in the beauty industry. They’re sometimes considered ineffective and unnecessary in a skincare regimen. And while this may be the case for many face masks out there, sleep face masks are none negotiable in your beauty routine. Sleep face masks basically work by moisturizing the skin while […]

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