Rock n Roll Vibes


    Ciao! It didn’t occur to me that I didn’t own a skirt in my closet, until last week. I know, that’s crazing. I am so girly that every time I shop, the first thing I think about are dresses and tops. So when I saw this grey t-shirt from H&M, I just had […]

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How to Best Shop for Sale Items


Hello everyone, and welcome to another Secret post! As you may have understood from the tittle, I wanted to share today my tips on how to shop for clothes, accessories, or even shoes on Sale. So let’s start by clearly understanding what sale is. Stores and online shops have established sale sections, so they can markdown items […]

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Leopard Coat for the Hots


I am a day late, but happy Valentine’s Day! February 14th is my favorite day of the year, because I love love. I love how it brings couples closes, and how it empowers us, single people, to love ourselves. It’s a day for everyone, and I love that. Anyway, A lot had happened in the media […]

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Valentine, love et Je ne sais quoi


Hi guys! Can you believe that it’s already 6 days from Valentine’s day?! 6 days from the most romantic day. 6 days from a single person’s most depressing day. How ever you think about valentine’s day though, you need to remember that its not that serious. There are different kinds of love , romantic, maternal, friendship, family, […]

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How to edit Instagram photos like a pro


Hello everyone and welcome to a new series on my blog, that I like to call Secrets! You can expect to learn about all the best practices from fashion ,to beauty, to software and application. I will literally tell you everything I know; we are friends after all. To star-up, I want to share my tips […]

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’90s Retake


Hello everyone, happy February! OK, so it’s only February third today and already there have been so much excitements!  Did you hear about the Beyoncé’s pregnancy? Well, if didn’t I got you! She is freaking pregnant with not one, but 2 babies! I was so shocked and happy when I saw the news on Instagram, that […]

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City Chic


I wanted to start by say that, Closet to Street has only been official for 4 days now, and already I have seen great traffic increase. Thank you all so much for your continual support. Todays look is so chic. I paired a double split midi work-dress from H&M with a lace-up top from Sanctuary. I […]

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Fairly Pink


Salut, or should I say hello. I first went to start by saying that I am the happiest person today. I have been working all of January, to build a website that I thought best suited me. You know, my perfect match sort of say. I finally style my blog the way I wanted it, and have […]

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Sultry Valentine’s Makeup


Hello everyone! As you all know, Valentine’s day  is fast approaching. It is the time of year when we celebrate our romantic relationship. Those in a relation, become closer with their partner , and those single, for the most part, crave that closure. However, whether you are single or in a relationship I believe everyone should […]

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Avant Garde Colors


Green, brown, yellow, black ,navy blue.These are the colors that compose this fantastic, color fest faux fur. It was love at first sight, and an easy purchase decision for me. Since the dress has so much character, I decided to pair it with a simple brown dress from H&M and barely-there shoes from 6PM. I […]

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