Hello beauties, welcome to Closet To Street! My name is Fatou Diaw (The many faces on this blog 😉 ), but you can just call me Fatou (pronounced like “fah TOO”) for short. I am a Senegalese- American, who was raised in Senegal from childhood to most of my teenage life.
I started this blog with a sole purpose to share whatever it was that I knew about anything. And if you go back to my first 100 posts, you will see that I was focussing more towards fashion. But I soon realized that although styling looks is something I like to do, it’s not my strongest suit.
I know so much more about skincare than I do anything else. And I want for you guys to find valuable and authentic content on Closet To Street. I want you to come here every time you have skin problems that needs to be address. Every time you hear about a skincare brand or product that you want a review on, before you buy. And so on.
I have sensitive skin, so most of my skin care tips will be for this skin type. I will make sure that all your sensitive skin problems are addressed, by providing the best solutions.
There will be also monthly fashion posts and makeup look inspirations, that I recently featured on my Instagram. I know how much you enjoy these kind of posts :).
I hope you will join me in this new direction I want to take for Closet To Street. Please make sure you sign up to my newsletter if you love and want that flawless skin for your sensitive skin. I LOVE YOU ALL!