Hi! I’m Fatou Diaw, a chemist, blogger, and thinker, from Pennsylvania, United States. Fashion has always been part of my life, as long as I can remember. The scientist in me loves to research about pretty much every topic, whether it’s fashion, beauty or lifestyle choices. Of course, while Closet To Street focuses on the latest trends, I also love sharing tips and advices that will help empower and educate my audience from time to time.

Closet To Street was started two month after my college graduation, which was the exact time I got my first job as a chemist. I wanted it to be a place where I can keep busy on my free time, while sharing my personal style, beauty and lifestyle secrets. I am will be sharing everything that I know to live the best life possible with you guys, and hope that you do the same with your comments.

I have started this journey only a year ago, and have since learn so much about blogging. I am hoping to grow even more in the future, by posting creative and fun blog post on topic that would benefit you.

Closet To Street welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself. For your opportunity to align your brand with Closet To Street, please follow this link to the contact page.