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3 Skin Care Tips For Men For Better Skin

Hello beauties! In today’s post, I wanted to give you guys some skin care tips to help the men in our lives. Contrary to popular believe, women and men’s skin are slightly different. And no, I’m not talking about facial hair. Men tend to produce more sebum than women after puberty. And this make their skin oilier and more prone to stubborn acne compare to women. So for this reason, I’m going to give you guys 3 skin care tips to help them combat those issues.

Tip 1: Take time to thoroughly wash and exfoliate your face

The best thing to could do for your skin, to maintain it’s health, is to properly clean it. you guys are lucky that you don’t wear makeup, but because of the excess sebum that your skin may produce, it is vital that you thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your face.

You can use a gentile exfoliate like the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser to wash your face with every day, following it with a toner. You should also exfoliate your face 1 to 2 times a week, to get the oil production in check. I would recommend using the Daily Microfoliant  by Dermalogica, to deep cleanse your skin.

Tip 2: Always Always put on moisturizer and sunscreen 

You know how I just told you that you skin creates more oil than that of a women? Well that does not mean that you should skip your  moisturizer. It’s important to understand that oily skin does not mean hydrated skin. So you much hydrate your skin with a moisturizer, daily. And please please please, never leave the house without sunscreen on.

Tip 3: Avoid After-shave and choose the the right razor blade

Multi-blade razors are the hot new thing that every cosmetic company is promoting. They do an amazing job at smoothing out the skin, leaving it hairless and soft. However, although great, they are not at all good for people with acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. You are better off if to go for 2 blade razors to avoid any irritation.

After-shave creams are a unnecessary and damaging step-in your skin care routine. Their only use is to add fragrance to the shaved area, which is terrible for the skin for all skin types. I recommend to use a moisturizer instead to hydrate your skin.

Which of these tips do you find more helpful? Comment below. Thank you so much for reading.


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