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3 Of The best ingredient for acne scars Removal

Hello beauties! Let’s say you followed a consistent and effective skincare regimen. And now your face is free from any breakouts. Then what? Will the products that cleared your skin, also remove the acne scars? In most cases the answers to these 2 questions are ‘I don’t know ‘ and ‘No’ respectively. Acne Scar Removal requires a more targeted treatment, which will ensure that your dark spots fade completely.
So here are 3 ingredients that that should be present in your fading cream or serum, in order for your scars to completely get removed.

Ingredient 1: Vitamin C

This one is probably the most obvious. But what you most likely don’t know is the fact that you need a high concentration of Vitamin C, for it to actually work. I recommend products with at least 20% pure vitamin C.

Ingredient 2: Niacinamide

The brighting feature of Niacinamide, can help with melanin production prevention. And when applied on your dark stops, it will accelerate the pigment break down. Niacinamide works great with other lightning ingredients like Vitamin C.

Ingredient 3: Morus Alba

Morus Alba AKA white mulberry is a plant that has natural lighting effect on the skin. It can prevent the formation of stops and freckles on the skin. It can also help prevent future acne with its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

Do  you have any acne scar removal tips for us? Comment below. Thank you so much for reading.

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