You Much Own Sneakers This Spring


Outfit Detail: Top: Cami::::Bottom: Joggers::::Jacket: Rain Coat:::: Sunnie: Cat Eye:::: Shoes: Sneakers

Hello, beauties! Spring 2018 is full of new trends, whether it’s the color purple, layer necklaces or button down dresses. We’re endlessly seeing the use of these trends all over Instagram and around the internet. But the biggest trend of them all, will have to be : Sneakers.

Influencers all over social media are sporting their looks with a pair of sneakers. They showcase the versatility of the shoes and how well it can compliment any outfit. The bulky type sneakers are in particular more in demand this season, with all the high end brands creating a pair of their own.

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28 thoughts on “You Much Own Sneakers This Spring

  1. It used to be that my sneakers were reserved exclusively for the gym, those days are long gone 😛 now, they’re my go-to for travelling as well. So comfy, and easy, and cool.

    1. I was the same, too! The am a high heel type of girl. But the new sneaker are making me rethink the way I see them. Thanks, Sheela!

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