Your Happiness Matters: 5 Tips To Go About It

Hello beauties! There are two fundamental things that we expect from life: Love and happiness. Every single thing we do, want or wish for always revolves around these two emotion. And even though true love and happiness are hard to come by, we keep chasing them. Because the truth of the matter is, without love and happiness life is meaningless.┬áThere is a lot to be said about Love and Happiness combined, but we’re going to focus on happiness for today.
So what is happiness you ask? Happiness is that feel good sensation, the emotion that warms your heart, and put you at ease. It gives value to ones life. It makes us want to hold on to right now and live for the moment. Unking love, happiness is an emotion we grew up feeling: From toddler to adulthood. We have an clear understanding of it, yet only a selected few have a truly happy life.
Which bring us to the topic of this post. Here are 5 tips on how happy people stay happy.
Tip 1: Live in the Moment. We tend to worry so much about our future life, and put little thought on our current situation. But if you want to be happy, you have to focus on ‘right now’ and appreciate what you currently have going for you.
Tip 2: Be Grateful. This tip is the most important of all. If you’re not grateful, you won’t see how good you have it, and in turn you won’t be happy. Be thankful for what you have, no matter the circumstance. And always remember, there is at least one person in the world who wishes to live your life.
Tip 3: Make your own happiness. You can’t depend on others to make you happy. You need to find the things that make you happy on your own. No one knows your needs as much as you do, so your happiness is up to you.
Tip 4: Find your purpose. This tip is more suggestive, but it’s crucial for happiness. We don’t all get to do the things we love for a living. But if you know your purpose in life and you can pursue it, do it. There is nothing more rewarding than that.
Tip 5: Cut-off the negativity. You can’t be happy when your constantly exposing yourself in unpleasant situations. Think about how the people around you make you feel, and let go of anyone that constantly anger, bully, sabotage or ridicule you. If you want to be happy, you need to surround yourself with positivity.

Do you have any other tips? Comment below :). Thank you so much for reading.


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  1. thestyletune says:

    its a great tip to make your own happiness because no one really can!

    1. closet to street says:

      Absolutely. Thanks for reading, babe!

  2. These are great tips. The making your own happiness one is great.

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, Courtney! I agree.

  3. Such a great post! Thank you for sharing these notes on happiness. Living in the moment is something I want to achieve very soon. Have a great weekend!

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, Racquel! I also struggle with that one, but I’m getting better at it.

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