Pink Sweater Paired With A Trench Coat..


Outfit Detail: Top |Sweater| Bottom |Jeans| Coat|Trench coat| Bag|Shoulder Bag|

Hello beauties! This Look represent the end of my Winter outfits and the beginning of my Spring looks. The Spring trends this year, comprise of bold prints, color and shapes, with an focus to 70s fashion. There will also be hairstyle trends that will turn literally heads. I wanted a casual yet chic outfit that featured my pink sweater and trench coat.

For the longest time, I have been meaning to to be more involve on Twitter. The concept of the platform was too confusing to me, and seemed way too boring. But I found out a few weeks about, just how wrong I have been. Twitter is HILARIOUS!!!! It’s surprisingly very engaging and I get a sense of community with my followers. I also notice that unlike Instagram, getting followers is much for easier. I’m loving twitter more and more each day.

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