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Choose From These Handbags For Your First Luxury bag

Hello beauties! For the new Year I want to be more consistent with my posts here on Closet To Street and on my Instagram. Which is why I will, starting next Monday, have 3 posts a week on my blog and 7 posts a week on my Instagram. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter (in the mainbar-to your right) and follow my Instagram.
Buying your first luxury handbag can be a very stressful process, when you have no idea which bag you want. There is much to consider when making your purchase. You have to first decide how much you have to spend, after all its a big investment. Then you need to decide whether you want a classic piece or a trending piece. The next step is to figure out the size of the bag: mini, medium, or large. The color of the bag is significantly important as well, in your decision making. So you can see just how challenging it can really be.

Which is why I rounded-up 12 luxury handbags, that will help facilitate your choice.

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Which handbag do you like the most? Comment below to let us know. Thanks so much for reading.



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    1. closet to street says:

      yeah, it’s beautiful!

  1. I don’t recall which was my first designer bag, but I totally love Celine and Fendi! Chanel obviously 🙂 xx

    1. closet to street says:

      Yes, they’re amazing!

  2. I love all of these! Especially that orange one near the end.
    xx Chelsea

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, Chelsea! Chloe makes amazing bags.

  3. I quite like all the bags you selected but nothing can beat classic Chanel! xx

    1. closet to street says:

      That’s true. thanks, babe!

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