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My Horrific Experience With Benzoic Acid

Hello beauties! I want to give you a little background about my skin, today. It used to be, honestly,  flaw. I never had any problem with sensitivity or breakouts. That was at least the case before I started drug store face products, with know their proper use. I was overly cleaning my face, then I would use a clay mask when I seriously didn’t need to. I didn’t know at the time that I was disturbing the natural balance of my face. Needless to say that it didn’t take long before my face started to freak-out.
I was breaking out like crazy. There were acne on my cheeks and forehead ( a lot). It got so bad that my family thought my face was messed up for good. And through all of this I still continued my silly routine, thinking it would reverse itself( not!).
When I clearly realized that my acne was here to stay, if I didn’t do something else to get myself out of the mess I started. I begun to use a spot treatment with benzoic acid. Little did I know that I was only making matters worse. The benzoic acid killed the acne bacteria, as promised. But It also left the skin underneath extremely dry. Dead.  I had acne scarves all over my face and fresh acne every single day. It was awful. At some point I lost hope of ever getting my skin back to what it was.
I started doing research online about acne relief strategies that I would take. And after hundreds of article and YouTube videos, I discover toners. My savior. I never knew importance of skin pH, and what disturbing it can do to your skin. The average skin pH is at 5.5, which means it’s slightly acid compare to the neutral pH of water at 7 ( 1= very acidic , 14= very basic).  The 5.5 number stay pretty consistent on normal skin, but fluctuates easily on sensitive skin, thus causing acne.
Long story short, I was able to nurse my face back to it’s normal state, when I stopped using acne products all together ( it was a very hard decision) and just moderately clean and tone my skin. It worked like a charm ;). I’m so happy now with my skin.
I will share how I got rid of my acne scarves on another post. Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. Monica Sors says:

    Goog to know!! love your post
    Mónica Sors

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, Monica!

  2. too bad the acne treatments didnt work for you. Im sure there is a product out there for you
    The Glossychic

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, babe!

  3. That sounds like a disaster. I have not heard of benzoic acid before but I’ll be sure not to use it.

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks, Courtney!

  4. I had no idea about the skin pH level. Really good info to be aware about. Thanks for sharing!
    Style by Pear

    1. closet to street says:

      Thanks for reading, babe!

  5. I had a lot of issues with acne myself and as you say here they didn’t stop until I started treating my face with non-acne targeting products and ones that would nurish it, moisturize it and help it recover!
    Olga from Myme

    1. closet to street says:

      It’s so true. Thanks, Olga!

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