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Why You Need To Include A Face Mask To Your Skincare Regimen

Hello beauties! Many of us tend to think that Facials masks are made for our mothers. We pretty much associate the idea of masks with old and wrinkling. What if I tell you that is a misconception? That face masks work as an anti-aging?They can not only help preserve our face from losing its elasticity ( No elasticity = wrinkles) but they can also help it looking glow-y and fresh.
There are thousands of facial masks on the market, that target different skin concerns. You can find some that hydrate skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of your pores. I always use a hydrating mask when when I exfoliate my face or when I feel like my face need a boots of moisture. I also can not live without a clay mask. it’s great to penetrate deep into the pores a extracts all the impurities my cleaner left behind.
When it come to how and when to use  face masks, it’s best to follow the application direction. they’re not a one size fits all type of products.
Finding the right face mask can be very overwhelming. You need to know your skin concerns before you can pick the right face mask. But since I’m your girl I have done the research for you! I made a list of  3 skin concerns with the best masks that will help you get your baby smooth skin back.

Dry Patchy Skin: Hydrating Masks

Clogged Pores/ Acne: Clay Masks

Dull Skin: Night Cream


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  1. Great review,thanks for sharing
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  3. Obsessed with that honey mask!!
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    1. Me too! I use it every time I exfoliate my face. Thanks, Cindy!

  4. I’ve heard great things about the Origins mask!

    1. The Origins clay mask is my holly grail. Thanks, Chels!

    1. They really are the best.

  5. love so many of the products that you suggested!

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