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Beauty Favorites: 8 Beauty Products I Can't live Without

Hello beauties, happy Monday! Today kick-start my first monthly beauty favorites. And since last week I shared my skincare routine, It’s only fair that we talk about make-up today. I am very picky about the products I use on my face. I make sure to get quality make-up,to prevent my face from freaking out.
Here are 8 make-up product that I have used fora while, that make me look flawless and leave my skin in perfect condition.

xoxo, Fatou

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  1. dinamighty says:

    I like that MAC blush!

    1. It’s my favorite

  2. Aliona says:

    SLAY GIRL!! Would love it if you checked out my new trend talk post
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love
    Instagram @alionawithlove
    YouTube @alionawithlove

    1. thanks, Aliona!

  3. I can’t live without a good concealer, a red lipstick and a pinkish blush. oh and mascara of course! xx

    1. me either, babe! thanks Chiara!

  4. thank you for sharing, they are awesome!
    IG @grace_njio

    1. Thanks, Grace!

    1. Thank you, Alexandra!

  5. zarrah says:

    Great beauty faves, i have too and in your list I love MAC blush.
    Thanks for sharing
    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  6. Great selection! I love a classic red lipstick and this Dior one is just perfect. :))
    Have a great weekend! xx

  7. Great post! Need to try that highlight and mascara!

    1. thanks babe!

    1. Thanks, babe!

  8. What a glamorous, high-quality collection. I love the Dior lipstick!

    1. Thanks, babe!

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