Off Duty: Be Cool In A Blazer


Hello beauties! If you have been reading my blog long enough, you would know that I have been on TV obsessed these days. I watch the entire 7 seasons of the Good Wife last month,  and now I am hooked on Grey’s Anatomy.  I went from law ( The Good Wife) to medicine ( Grey’s Anatomy). The thing I love most about the two shows is that they’re both very educational. I have learned a thing or two about my Rights in a court of law and I’m now able to look at surgeries being perform. The only problem I have with Grey’s Anatomy is that I has 13 season with at 26 episodes each. I don’t know If I will see it all. I’m on season 4 episode 11, at the moment.

T-shirt, Jeans, statement earrings and a over size blazer make my idea off-duty outfit. It is such a classic combination that instantly look chic. Adding a beret makes the outfit french chic. When in doubt, wear a similar look. It’s always a good idea (:)).


Outfit Detail:

Top: T-shirt:::: Jacket: Blazer::::Bottom: Jeans::::Hat: Beret::::Shoes:Boots

I really hope you like this look! Thank you so much for reading.

xoxo, Fatou

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