Fall In Nature


Hello Beauties! If you follow my Instagram , you probably notice that I don’t post on Insta-Stories regularly. I usually just post on weekends, when I’m less busy with work (my day job 🙂 ). But I want that to change. I want to start sharing my daily  activities with you guys. To give you a insights of how I spend my time wen I’m not shooting a blog post. To basically share the not so glamorous side of me- haha. Please let me know I you would be interested in seeing that.

It’s only appropriate that I style Fall’s most common color in one outfit. I wanted a casual wait chic look, and a sweater paired with pants are the easiest way to accomplish that. As you can see, I keep the accessories neutral in black.


Outfit Detail:

Top:Sweater:::: Bottom:Pants:::: Shoes: Boots::::  Sunnies: Aviator

I hope you like this look. Thank you so much for reading.

xoxo, Fatou

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