Back to School..

IMG_6217IMG_6206IMG_6219IMG_6209Summer vacation has come to an end, which leaves us feeling a bit disappointed. But as much as we love the long break, we need to remember the importance of getting a education. Knowledge is power. Getting a degree put you a step closer to realizing your dreams. And for the ,most part, school is where we find our best friends, for life. When you ask your parents about their childhood, they usually talk about their school experiences. Because really, its where we usually have our best and worst experiences in life. So really think positively of school and hopefully you will get a possessive experience this year.

Since its a back to school look, I wanted to keep it very simple. This look is something I would actually wear to school, a plain tee, jeans and hat but with flats instead of heels. I want to be as comfortable as possible when I’m learning and as much as I love my heels, I would do without.


Outfit Detail:

Top: Tee (similar):::: Bottom: Jeans:::: Shoes : Similar:::: Hat :Baseball Cap

I really hope you like this look. Let me know in the comments if your still in school and what you love most about. Thank you so much for reading.


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