Edgy Floral..


Hey guys, I missed you all so much! As you know, last week I did not upload on my blog, and it was of a very good reason. I ordered some dresses from ASOS about two weeks ago. Everything in the process was good and the package was expected to arrive within to 5 business days. Since I usually shoot on Wednesdays , This was not a problem so I waited. Four days go by, then five then seven and I started to get really worried. So I decided to go back to my emails to see the status of the shipping updates. Needless to say I was surprise and frustrated at myself to find out that the package was shipped to my old address (I know, ridiculous). So I immediately called my cousin who still  lives there (thank God) to bring it to me the next day. Long story short, This is one of the dresses from that package.

The pretty floral detailing on this cami-dress, sold me on the dress. The dress+ acts like the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall, with a bit of edginess  to it. Since it’s still Summer, I decided to pair it with these breath-taking mustard ankle boots. Finishing it all off with a little black bag.


I hope you like it. Make sure to comment below and tell me what you like to see next. Thank you so much for reading.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Cami Dress(similar):::: Shoes: Ankle boots ::::: Bag: Little bag

xoxo, Fatou

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