Love America

IMG_5231IMG_5230IMG_5237IMG_5232IMG_5234Hello everyone, happy Thursday! The fourth of July weekend is upon us, sending our excitements through the roof! I was thrilled to see that you found my 4th of July activity guide useful and inspiring. If you haven’t read it, you can click here.


Fourth of July is a very casual and relax holiday, unlike Christmas where every thing has to be a certain way. Most people are dressed in shorts or Jeans, eat, drinking and having a blast! I wanted my final fourth of July look- see the first one here– to reflex that. As you can see, the main piece of this look is my american flag tee. The star detailed Jeans complimented the top really well. And since I wanted to play the look off with the the U.S flag colors, I decided to go for white shoes and red bag.

I really hope you liked this look. Thank you so much for reading.

xoxo, Fatou

Outfit Detail:

Top: Flag T-shirt :::: Bottom: Denim Jeans :::: Sunglasses: Mirror Lenses 

Shop and Style:






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