What Are Fun Independence Day Activities

Hiiii! I’m so excited to be doing another Secret post today. I have not done one in May and you guys really love them.

So as the tittle states, I’m going to tell you, four fun Independence day activities that you can do. The fourth of July holiday is the time to reflex on our country’s progress- work still needed- over the course of past centuries. It is a time of gratitude and love, and we should all come together as a nation.


Because it’s in the summer, there is so many things you can do on Independence day. So here are my top four:

Activity 1: Spend the day at the beach: This one seems the most obvious to me, just because July weather is boiling hot.

Activity 2: Have a barbecue with friends and family: There is nothing like family time. Having a fourth of July cook-out is an excellent way to celebrate. You can invite friends and neighbors, to make it really fun and memorable.

Activity 3:  Go to an amusement park: Gather all your friends and head out to an amusement park.

Activity 4: Watch fireworks: This one is a tradition. If you did all the activities above, you still have to go watch fireworks at your favorite park. Going to a free concert is also a cool idea, that usually incorporate fireworks.

Alright guys, these are the things I would do on Independence day. What at is your favorite fourth of July activity? Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading.

xoxo, Fatou Diaw

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