Starting Summer Bright in Strips


Hello everyone, happy first day of Summer! The hottest season of them all is upon us, promising long warm days. Summer is the time of year where-really- less is more when it comes to clothing. The sun rises very early in the morning and sets very late at night. It is a time of fun- of rest- offering many opportunities to go to places and experience the finer things in life. So live on, let loose and enjoy summer 2017!


When people think about Summer colors, they instantly picture bright colors. So for my very first Summer outfit, I went for this super cool button down shirt in strip. The top already has blue and white, so I adding brightness with some acid wash Jeans. Here’s the fun part, I went for pink instead of white to spice up the look. Adding pink accessories instantly makes the look fun. I love it.

What’s your favorite way to dress during Summer?

xoxo, Fatou

Outfit Details:

Top: Button-down shirt:::: Jeans: Boyfriend:::: Bag: Cross-body:::: Shoes: Heels

Shop and Style:








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