Maximum Fun


We are a month away from summer, but mother nature seems to think otherwise. It has been rainy and cloudy for the past few weeks in the East Coast, so much so that I started missing the warm sunny days we started to get. The fact that the rain was keeping me from shooting my outfits, made it worse for me. I really hope it gets better soon.


For this look I wanted the dress to be the star, so I keep everything to a minimum. I love easy dresses like this one, effortless but very flattering. They are best wore with flats, so I paired it with my lace-up flats. For an finishing touch, I wore a cream colored bag to go with the look.

I hope you like the look. Let me know below if you like dresses as much as I do


Outfit Detail:

Dress: Maxi Dress :::: Shoes: Lace-up flat :::: Sunglasses: Aviator

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