Spring Casualties



Lately I have been thinking really deep about life. I think about the challenges we face and what it means to our future. But I was quickly about to understand that our struggles are necessary. What would a life free of worries be like? Boring, I will tell you. I have been going through some stress lately, but I know it’s necessary. I remind myself that I must focus on the things I can control, and leave the rest to God.

If you’re going through some things I hope will remember this.


Today’s outfit is fun and casual and I love it. This lavender bell sleeve crop top was a love at first sight. I love how the netting is so thick and soft and the cutout details in the back. I decided to pair it with white high waist-ed jeans and pointed toe flats, white as well. White or cream bag are my go to bag color for a look like this. But I decided against it and matched my lipstick with the bag.

I hope this post inspires your next look. If you have any styling advise please don’t hesitate to ask.

xoxo, Fatou

Outfit Detail:

Top: Crop Top ::::Bottom: High Waist Jeans ::::Shoes : Pointed Toe Flats 

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17 thoughts on “Spring Casualties

  1. Hi! My name is Emily and I just wanted to say this post was genuinely lovely to read. I really love the color combinations that you worked together with this outfit and wish I could see the back too…but this is such a cute spring outfit. Personally, I would love to work this out on a winter outfit too. Thank you for the post 🙂 I hope to see more.

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