How To Dress for Graduation


Congratulation to the class of 2017! I am so proud of everyone of you, for completing your degree and moving to greater things. No matter of your level of education, you made a commitment to excel in your studies and for that you have my up most respect.


When it comes to graduation attire, the key thing to remember is that it has to be formal. I love wearing below the knees dresses to graduations, like the one I wore here on my sister’s graduation.  When I’m not wear a dress, I usually opt  for a jumpsuit. They’re playful and very sophisticated. Sometimes I would wear a nice blouse with jeans paired with high heels, to elevate the look. Of course, a  skirt is always a good idea.



For my sister’s graduation, I wanted a Spring  outfit. Something colorful, fresh and fun, but still looks appropriate for a graduation. I had this dress for a few month now, so when I saw it on my clothe a week before the ceremony, I decided that it would be perfect. Ruffles are so in trend right now and the ruffle detailing of this dress is just amazing and unique. I love how it goes all across the front and back of the dress, taking the simplicity the dress away. The orange color was another detail I loved about the dress. It compliments my skin tone so well. Gold goes really well with orange that’s why I have on gold accessories.

I hope this How To post was helpful and please let me know what you want to see next.

xoxo, Fatou

Outfit Detail:

Dress: Ruffle Midi Dress :::: shoes: Barely-there Gold Heels :::: Bag: Straw  cross body.

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