How to dress for the Mall: Spring/Summer2017


Hello everyone! Happy New month! I am so excited to announce that I will be starting a new styling category on my blog. It will feature a outfit I would wear, plus different looks I think you also be perfect to wear on places such as the mall, at a wedding, the movie, etc. All the blog posts in this new category would have ‘How to’ in the tittle.  I will make them as informative as possible and I hope you guys will enjoy them.


The first thing to remember about mall shopping is that your outfit should be easily removable. You are most likely going to try on thing, and there is nothing more annoying than having to struggle with your clothes. So my first recommendation is to wear a dress. It is perfect for the spring/summer season, and it’s specially great when you’re trying on bottoms.If you’re not a dress fan, you can opt for the skirt.


If you plan to not try on as many items, I would go for a look similar to the one in this post. In my opinion, Jeans are such a hassle in the fitting room. But, I love to wear them, specially the distressed ones. I paired my Jeans with a caramel tank top  and I favorite cargo jacket. I have been loving earth-tones lately, So I finished that look with some chunky  heels.

I really hope these tips were helpful to you. What else do you want to see from me?

Outfit Detail:

Top: Similar Here:::: Bottom: Distressed Jeans :::: Shoes: Chunky Heels :::: Bag: Satchel

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