Denims and Good Vibes Only


We are officially a week into March. Can you believe it? I want to start by saying that I am very happy that you’re finding My Secret posts helpful. I love sharing what I know works and seriously hope that with these  posts, I will be able to do that the best of my ability.


This outfit is my warm-up to Spring. My favorite season of the year is only less than two weeks left! I can hardly wait to start wearing dresses, color and accessorizing flowers! Denim is a staple spring material. It’s medium weight, cool and fun to dress however you like. That’s why I went for a classic denim jacket and Jeans, paired with a “Good Vibe Only” tee and  ankle boots.

To add to the simplicity of the look, I kept my makeup very simple with only a wing liner and a bright pink lipstick.

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xoxo, Fatou

Outfit Details:

Denim Jacket—-Jeans—-Good Vibes Only Tee—-Ankle Boots—-Sunglasses



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