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How to whiten your teeth and keep it white

Hello everyone! Happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of Secret. As know can tell from the tittle, I wanted to talk about dental hygiene today, but more specifically about tooth whitening.
We all know the importance of dental health, so much so that brushing our teeth is part of our daily routine. We brush our teeth to keep them clean, fresh and healthy. However nowadays, we took brushing a step further by adding whitening ingredients to our toothpastes. We have turned our smile into an accessory. Some of us even went as far as getting a professional whitening  done from the dental office.
So today, I want to share my Secrets on how I whiten my teeth and keep it white, following the tips below.
Tip 1: Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that contain whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or Sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda). These ingredients in toothpaste are mild and very effective.  You can also buy them separately, but make sure to follow standard procedure, when using them.
Tip 2: Get a teeth whitening  mouthwash, and use it after brushing.
Tip 3: You can get a  professional tooth whitening done by your dentist, or do one yourself at home ( but with caution).
Tip 4: Whenever you drink anything that would stain your teeth, make sure to use a straw. This will make sure your teeth stay white!
I hope you like These Secret post, and please comment below if any of these tips were helpful to you.

xoxo, Fatou

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  1. Thank you for tips! They are very useful!

    1. Thank you, Anna! I’m glad to share.

  2. I really need to try those! Great tips!
    Khloe from

    1. Thank you, Khloe!

  3. Great tips! Love Crest White Strips <3
    Angela | Ohh Angie

    1. You’re welcome 😊 ❤

  4. Love this article! Currently drinking my red wine through a straw haha.
    Check out my blog if you get a chance girl!

    1. haha, it works!

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