’90s Retake


Hello everyone, happy February! OK, so it’s only February third today and already there have been so much excitements!  Did you hear about the Beyoncé’s pregnancy? Well, if didn’t I got you! She is freaking pregnant with not one, but 2 babies! I was so shocked and happy when I saw the news on Instagram, that I started screaming like a crazy person(lol). This month also have 2 of the biggest events in U.S: the Super Bowl and the Grammy. I seriously cannot wait for them.

So back to today’s look ( why you’re really here, right?). I have styled this gorgeous sweater from Forever21 with distressed girlfriend Jeans, that I got from Tjmaxx. I was going for an effortless look, so I went for my ankle boots from Macys. And to add that 90s feel, I wore a choker from Forever21.

This look is ageless, and I hope it gave you some inspiration.



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